Structural Damages

Cracks: Foundation repairs are generally needed when a foundation shows signs of settling due to unstable soil conditions or seismic activity (earth quakes). There are many different methods of resolving these issues. Infiniti Renovations of Ottawa can help you assess the level of damages and supply you with a detailed quotation to perform the necessary foundation repairs.

Bowed Walls: This situation is usually brought on by a number of different conditions. The most common method of resolution is to excavate the exterior of your foundation and re-establish the walls integrity; however a resolution cannot be arrived at until an Infiniti Renovations of Ottawa technician reviews the situation and proposes in the form of a quotation the method of repairing the bowed walls.

Damp Concrete floors: The most common cause of this condition is inadequate drainage under the floor. There are a number of solutions to this problem which Infiniti Renovations of Ottawa can propose through a quotation.

Heaving or uneven floors: This condition is more prevalent in older homes; however it is also found in relatively new homes with the causes being frequently similar. Infiniti Renovations of Ottawa can assess the situation and provide a written quotation for the repairs.

Vertical Crack Horizontal Crack Bowing Wall