Retaining Walls

Looking for ideas for your backyard or a boost of curb appeal? Infiniti Renovations of Ottawa can help you articulate and bring to life your ideas for your landscape and outdoor space by using an extensive selection of hardscape concrete products including retaining walls and garden walls. These are available in different colours and textures. Let Infiniti Renovations of Ottawa help you enhance your curb appeal while at the same time add value to your property.

Interlocking patios & walkways

One of the best ways to compliment your home exterior is with the use of paving stones; Infiniti Renovations of Ottawa can take your backyard or front yard to new heights with interlock walkways and patios which are durable and aesthetically pleasing. There are a wide range of colours and patterns in interlocking stones from which to choose.

Drainage & Grading

Site grading away from a foundation with the correct slope is the easiest of solutions to the possible yard drainage problems you may encounter. If left it could cause thousands of dollars in damage, inside and outside of your home, not to mention growth of fungi, molds and mildew. Erosion could also be an issue. Infiniti Renovations of Ottawa would work with our clients to diagnose and treat your drainage and grading problems.